The Antibiotics Health Crisis

Happy New Year

Factory farms are destroying the breakthrough behind modern medicine, putting lives at risk all over the world. But if we come together, fast, we can stop animal suffering and ensure we don’t return to a world where minor infections send people to their graves.

Corporate megafarms give antibiotics to all their animals, so they can squish thousands of them into tiny pens. This keeps the animals alive in grim conditions until they’re slaughtered, while creating the perfect breeding ground for drug-resistant microbes, which can rip through human bodies.

It’s time to tackle these death factories.

Several European countries have slashed antibiotics use in factory farms, and now they’re pushing the rest of the EU to ban this abuse of vital medicines. Add your name to save animals and save antibiotics, we’ll deliver it to all EU ministers before they finalise the new law, then take our message to the USA, which just published an Antibiotics Action Plan.

Sign the Avaaz petition here:

Read more on the Compassion in World Farming website, here:


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